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Tweet compares Donald Trump to solar eclipse

President Donald Trump | AP file photo

WASHINGTON — It’s a total eclipse by President Donald Trump of Barack Obama.

Trump has retweeted a quadruple photo spread of Trump slowly eclipsing the former president.

The series starts with a photo that shows a glimpse of Trump, who is in color in the frame, along with a black-and-white image of Obama. Trump gradually commands more of the frame in the next two photos until the fourth and final one shows a smiling Trump and no Obama.

Trump retweeted the series, titled “The Best Eclipse Ever!” from Twitter user, @JerryTravone.

Travone describes himself on Twitter as a YouTube actor, political junkie and “Proud Trump supporter.”

Twitter users were quick to point out the flaws in this metaphor. Many noted that eclipses are temporary, and others praised the comparison of Obama to the sun and Trump to the moon.

CNN asked whether Trump was suggesting that he was a “dark, inanimate object obscuring a source of light.”