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Report: Jordan Klepper’s wife, other Chicago talents hired on his show

Laura Grey and Jordan Klepper in 2014. | Michael Stewart/Getty Images

The warnings about bringing your home life into the office don’t seem to have fazed Jordan Klepper, who reportedly will be working with his wife, accomplished actress-writer Laura Grey, on his new Comedy Central show.

Deadline reports that the upcoming “The Opposition With Jordan Klepper” has hired Grey and four other comedians as correspondents.

The couple met while both were working the sketch and improv stages in Chicago — Klepper in the iO shows “Whirled News Tonight” and “Late Night Late Show,” Grey at Second City e.t.c. shows and in the group Triplette. In recent years they’ve been based at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre in New York.

Klepper joined “The Daily Show With Jon Stewart” as a correspondent in 2014 and earlier this summer hosted a special, “Jordan Klepper Solves Guns,” for which Grey was the head writer.

The couple also has worked as a duo, writing and starring in short films together.

The correspondents reportedly also include two other Chicago-trained talents: Tim Baltz of the Seeso online series “Shrink” and Kobi Libii of the CBS series “Doubt” and “Madame Secretary.” New York’s Josh Sharp and Aaron Jackson complete the lineup.

Comedy Central declined to confirm the hires.

The cable channel says “The Opposition,” scheduled to premiere Sept. 25 after “The Daily Show With Trevor Noah,” will satirize “the hyperbolic, conspiracy-laden noise machine that is the alternative-media landscape on both the right and left.”