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Mitch Trubisky called ‘leader in locker room’ and ‘alpha’ on Bears

Bears head coach John Fox calls rookie quarterback Mitch Trubisky an "alpha." (Getty Images)

Whether it’s on or off the field, it looks like Mitch Trubisky is picking up things rather quickly in the NFL.

Coming to the Bears with just 13 college starts under his belt, Trubisky was expected to sit, watch and learn in his first season under projected starter Mike Glennon and veteran mentor Mark Sanchez.

Well, things don’t always go as planned.

After two subpar performances by Glennon and two unexpectedly good showings from Trubisky, fans and experts alike are calling for Trubisky to be given the keys to the Bears offense.

But Bears GM Ryan Pace doesn’t want to rush the inexperienced signal-caller into anything and shatter his confidence.

It sounds like the rookie has the full support of the team, though.

According to FOX Sports NFL writer Peter Schrager, Trubisky is already being considered a leader in the locker room. Schrager said this on the NFL Network’s “Good Morning Football” show:

“I got a text from somebody who is within the organization who said, ‘I love all three quarterbacks, but this guy, Trubisky, he is an alpha. I will not take anything away from him. He is a leader in the locker room already. He has taken people under his wing already.’ For a young guy to be considered an alpha and a leader in the locker room — I love that.”

“Somebody” within the Bears? Hmm, wonder who that could have been?

FOX Sports NFL Insider Jay Glazer caught up with Bears coach John Fox on Wednesday to talk about Trubisky, and he echoed those sentiments.

There’s that word “alpha” again.

The Bears’ dress rehearsal on Sunday against the Tennessee Titans will most likely be the determining factor as to who starts the season at quarterback, but if it is Glennon, you can expect Fox to have him on a short leash.