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Dwyane Wade says he’s meeting with LeBron James this week

Dwyane Wade told TMZ Sports that he's expecting to meet up with LeBron James this week. | Nam Y. Huh/Associated Press

Between partying and morning workouts, Dwyane Wade has been living it up in Europe for the last month, according to his Instagram and Snapchat updates.

But as Wade was overseas, there’s been a lot of speculation in the Land of the Free that Bulls and Wade will part ways before the season starts.

The story took an interesting twist on Tuesday when Wade returned to the United States. Wade told TMZ Sports at the Los Angeles airport that he’s been talking with Cavaliers star LeBron James and is planning to meet with him this week.

“We text each other,” Wade said about James, according to TMZ Sports. “I’m gonna join him at dinner this week somewhere.”

Now, whether this is a negotiating meeting or two friends catching up is still unclear.

The Sun-Times reported in June that that since Butler was traded to the Minnesota Timberwolves, “D-Wade was asking for a buyout.’’

Miami radio host Andy Slater reported last week that Wade’s children have moved back to south Florida to attend school after transferring to a Chicago school last year. Sun-Times’ Joe Cowley reported that neither Wade nor his representation has officially asked for a buyout.

Fingers have also been pointed to Wade’s Twitter feed, which might reveal some clues to the 12-time All-Star’s future.

Wade tweeted out the eye emoji after it was reported that the Celtics’ Isaiah Thomas was traded to the Cavaliers in exchange for Kyrie Irving. There was speculation that this was a sign Wade might be heading to Cleveland as well.

Wade also tweeted the eye emoji again two days later after quoting this tweet with a picture of Kobe Bryant, James and him.

He also quoted Cavalier guard J.R. Smith’s tweet with the praise emoji.

Smith tweeted: “I wasn’t always the fastest, I didn’t always jump as high as the next, didn’t shoot it as good but made better choices to be where I am.”

This could all be a big coincidence and everyone is reading too far into his Twitter timeline, or Wade could be dropping subtle hints.

What do you make of this?

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