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Dove hunting, northeast Illinois: Prospects preview of public sites

A lone dove sits in the dead branches of a maple on Monday, days before the 2017 dove-hunting season opens Friday in Illinois.
Credit: Dale Bowman


(Listed in order of prospects)

Site: Prospects and field conditions

Matthiessen SP: Should be one of state’s top sites again, good sunflowers with big heads

Iroquois SWA: Good sunflowers, big heads, expecting lots of doves

Silver Springs SFWA: Sunflowers and wheat, seeing “some doves’’

Des Plaines SFWA: Sunflowers and wheat, bit weedy, seeing “some doves’’

Shabbona Lake SRA: Fields look good, millet and wheat, a few birds around, more than last year

Kankakee River SP: Sunflowers pretty good, No. 6 little weedy

Chain O’Lakes SP: One sunflower field, a few more birds than last year

Marseilles SFWA: No dove fields, open Monday-Thursday, first dove day is Monday

Mazonia SFWA: Just a reminder that there is NO dove hunting in recent years

Click here for the general preview, with an eye toward Eurasian collared-doves.