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The story behind Carl Edwards Jr.’s food-themed Players Weekend cleats

Chicago Cubs relief pitcher Carl Edwards Jr. revealed his awesome Player's Weekend cleats. | John Minchillo/Associated Press

If there’s one thing we know about Cubs reliever Carl Edwards Jr., it’s that he likes food.

Edwards unveiled his food-themed cleats he’ll wear against the Philadelphia Phillies during the MLB Players Weekend. The cleats are yellow with red shoe laces and have the “Carl’s Jr.” logo on his right foot. On his left foot, it reads: “Eat like you mean it.”

The cleats will compliment his Players Weekend jersey, which has “Carl’s Jr.” embroidered on the back.

So, why is Edwards wearing Carl’s Jr. themed gear?

This March during spring training, Edwards revealed his diet to Sun-Times columnist Steve Greenberg.

Besides McDonalds, Edwards said he’s beens trying other fast food restaurants like the one he may or may not be named after.

“I’ve actually been trying that Carl’s Jr.,” Edwards said in March. “First of all, because — hello — I’m Carl Jr. So I’ve been eating some Carl’s Jr. burgers. It’s been pretty good.

“I eat fast food every day. All those other guys eat healthy. Everybody eats whatever they think is good for them, so I eat what I think is good for me.”

Cubs manager Joe Maddon could only laugh and shake his head when Greenberg told him what Edwards said.

“Right now, he’s as thin as a rail,” Maddon said in March. “He should eat all the ice cream, burritos and Carl’s Jr. he can. And I would be doing the exact same thing if I had his body style.”

That fast food might be working for Edwards, who is 3-3 with a 3.44 ERA in his 58 appearances for the Cubs this season.

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