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MAP: Chicago weekend shootings tracker for Sept. 15 – 18

Sun-Times file photo

This map will update throughout the weekend as shootings in Chicago are confirmed. Click on a location for the time, address and other details about each shooting over the weekend.

4:29 p.m. Friday — Man wounded in West Rogers Park shooting

4:53 p.m. Friday — 24-year-old man wounded in West Garfield Park shooting

8:35 p.m. Friday — Police: 4 people shot dead in Brighton Park

11:39 p.m. Friday — Bullet came through wall, struck man in chest in Lawndale home

11:45 p.m. Friday — 28-year-old man shot in Gresham

12:50 a.m. Saturday — 2 men struck by crossfire in Heart of Chicago

2:26 a.m. Saturday — 1 in custody after 27-year-old man shot in East Garfield Park

2:53 a.m. Saturday — Man shot, seriously wounded in Heart of Chicago

4:59 a.m. Saturday — 28-year-old man shot, seriously wounded in West Pullman

10:11 a.m. Saturday — Police: Man killed in Gage Park shooting

11:09 a.m. Saturday — 2 men shot in Back of the Yards

5:37 p.m. Saturday — 17-year-old boy shot in Uptown

5:50 p.m. Saturday — Man, 26, critically wounded in Galewood shooting

8:47 p.m. Saturday — Police: Man shot to death in Jeffery Manor

9:30 p.m. Saturday — Man, 31, shot in Fernwood

11:08 p.m. Saturday — Man wounded in Homan Square drive-by shooting

12:07 a.m. Sunday — Man shot in West Woodlawn

1:30 a.m. Sunday — 31-year-old man shows up at hospital with gunshot wound

1:36 a.m. Sunday — Woman shot in Park Manor

1:49 a.m. Sunday — Man shot in Homan Square

2 a.m. Sunday — Woman shot in Washington Heights

2:10 a.m. Sunday — Man wounded in East Garfield Park shooting

3 a.m. Sunday — Police: Man fatally shot during fight in South Shore

3:05 a.m. Sunday — Police: Man shot to death in Austin

9:52 a.m. Sunday — Man shot in Roseland

9:56 a.m. Sunday — Woman shot in back in Roseland

1:58 p.m. Sunday — 17-year-old boy shot in Chatham

4:32 p.m. Sunday — Man shot in chest, seriously wounded in Little Village

8:20 p.m. Sunday — Police: Woman killed, man seriously wounded in Chicago Lawn shooting

11:22 p.m. Sunday — Man seriously wounded in Washington Heights shooting

1:21 a.m. Monday — Woman, 18, shot in Little Village