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Five more colleges to provide scholarships to Chicago Star Scholars

Mayor Rahm Emanuel | Sun-Times file photo

Five more schools have been added to the City Colleges of Chicago’s “Star Scholars” transfer program for students who wish to seek a bachelor’s degree.

Saint Xavier University, Kendall College, Marquette University, Southern Illinois University-Carbondale and Illinois State University will become four-year college Star transfer partners, Mayor Rahm Emanuel and CCC Chancellor Juan Salgado announced Tuesday.

A total of 24 four-year colleges and universities now provide additional scholarships of $1,000 to $50,000 per year for Star Scholar graduates who have received a City Colleges degree.

The program was Emanuel’s pre-election plan to help parents put kids through college without going broke.

To date, more than $1 million in scholarship funds have been offered to Star Scholars through transfer partnerships, according to the mayor’s office.

The Chicago Star Scholarship offers two years of free City Colleges tuition to students who graduate from Chicago Public high schools with a B-average and demonstrate “completion-ready ability” by scoring at least 17 on both the math and English sections of the ACT. Eligible students must also enroll in one of City Colleges’ “structured, relevant pathways” toward an associates degree.

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