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Cubs wives start and pitch in to GoFundMe for Puerto Rico

Damaged homes in the La Perla neighborhood the day after Hurricane Maria made landfall on September 21, 2017 in San Juan, Puerto Rico. The majority of the island has lost power, in San Juan many are left without running water or cell phone service, and the Governor said Maria is the "most devastating storm to hit the island this century." | Alex Wroblewski/Getty Images

Cubs catcher Rene Rivera and his wife Mariel Perez are heartbroken about the tragedy in Puerto Rico.

The couple, who are both native to Bayamon, Puerto Rico, have continued to send prayers and share heartbreaking videos of Puerto Rico on Twitter and Instagram after Hurricane Maria nearly destroyed the island.

Gov. Ricardo Rosselló told CNN Wednesday that he thinks some of his residents will be out of power for months.

Seeing the tragedy down south sparked Perez to start a GoFundMe titled, “Ayudando a Puerto Rico,” which translates to “Helping Puerto Rico” on Sept. 12.

In eight days, Perez is already more than halfway to her $6,000 goal. Although her campaign has been shared nearly 220 times, only 30 people have actually donated it.

Several of the Cubs’ wives have donated to Perez’s cause.

John Lackey’s wife, Kristina, pitched in $500 to Perez’s campaign and Jon Lester’s wife, Ferrah, gave a $250 donation. Nicole Jay, who is married to Jon Jay, donated $100.