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The Bears somehow won despite Mike Glennon

Mike Glennon completed just three passes beyond five yards on Sunday in the upset victory over the Steelers. (Getty Images)

The “Mike Glennon needs to be benched” talk was thoroughly trumped Sunday by much weightier issues. With the focus on anthem protests, Glennon’s winning-ugly performance didn’t receive anywhere near the scrutiny it would have under normal conditions.

If someone were to ask you how the Bears upset the Steelers 23-17 in overtime on Sunday, it’d be a long, convoluted answer with nary a mention of Glennon. As it should.


–With his two sacks for 17 yards, Glennon accounted for a net 84 yards passing in a game that went to overtime.

–His first completion to a wide receiver was a 9-yard pass to Deonte Thompson with six minutes left in regulation.

–Six of Glennon’s 15 completed passes didn’t make it past the line of scrimmage.

–Glennon threw just four balls beyond 10 yards, two were incomplete and one was picked by the Steelers.

–Glennon completed just three passes beyond five yards from scrimmage.

We could go on, but you might be eating something.

As Bears fans get to see more and more of Mitch Trubisky’s placeholder, Glennon’s comparisons to forgettable Bears quarterbacks become more commonplace.

There’s the occasional Jonathan Quinn and Chad Hutchinson, but the one that’s really gaining traction is Craig Krenzel.

Interestingly, Krenzel shares something in common with Glennon, only worse. He, too, “led” the Bears to an overtime victory despite a horrendous performance.

In 2004 against the Titans, Krenzel was 10 of 28 for 116 yards, two interceptions, no touchdowns and five sacks with a 19.8 passer rating. Fittingly, the Bears won 19-17 in overtime on a safety.

Not even Glennon could top that one.