LETTERS: GOP wants a win on healthcare, even if you suffer

SHARE LETTERS: GOP wants a win on healthcare, even if you suffer

Demonstrators in Chicago protest proposed changes to the Affordable Care Act by GOP senators in June.
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Well, Republicans, once again it’s party over country. Just exactly what do you hope to gain with the new Republican health care proposal other than the failure of the Affordable Care Act? Why not just fix it? Sadly, it is clear. The quality of American healthcare has nothing to do with your obsessive focus, and here’s proof. Just one day after the new Graham-Cassidy Senate bill announcement this past week, leading Republican Sen. Chuck Grassley of Iowa said, “You know, I could maybe give you 10 reasons why this bill shouldn’t be considered, but Republicans campaigned on this so often that you have a responsibility to carry out what you said in the campaign. That’s pretty much as much of a reason as the substance of the bill.”

Wow! This is the first time in my voting life that I have explicitly heard this view, unmasked, with “the good of the American people” nowhere to be found. It is all about the Republican Party winning and Americans losing. America’s health care isn’t at risk; America’s health is.

Dennis Terdy, Glen Ellyn

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We stood for anthem in school, Boy Scouts and Army

As a child in school and as a Boy Scout, we would say a prayer and the pledge of alliance. When the national anthem was played, we removed our hats and stood with our hands over our hearts. When I was in the Army, we came to attention and saluted when the anthem was played. I still do. I feel sorry for those who do otherwise. I disagree with those who disrespect our country and those who support such acts of disrespect.

John Culloton, West Chicago

Ballplayers never risk lives for country

I find it disgraceful that there are so many people, especially athletes and celebrities, who support those who show disrespect when our national anthem is played. So many brave, unselfish men and women have given their lives to protect the freedoms they enjoy. You can disagree without being so disrespectful. Have any of those showing disrespect during the playing of the national anthem at football games ever been in the military? Have they put their lives on the line to protect a way of life which has given them so much? I doubt that any of them would even consider doing so, yet they don’t hesitate to forget what our flag and anthem really represent — the freedom they have because so many brave men and women were willing to give their lives for all of us, even for these selfish individuals. Shame on them!

Janet Lumm, Schaum

Rights and patriotism are separate things

One would think that every citizen would support the Constitutional right to freedom of expression displayed on Sunday by pro football teams when they kneeled during the playing of the national anthem. But many fans, clearly, can’t separate the concept of patriotism from the concept of constitutional rights.

Freedom-seekers from around the world come here hoping to become American citizens. The written citizenship exam they must pass requires exhaustive knowledge of our political system and our Constitution. If only the rest of us were as well-educated on our rights and freedoms. Fans then might be more likely to put our constitutional right to free expression above emotional, elasticnotions of patriotism that can wax and wane, as was seen toward Prohibition and during the Vietnam War.

Constitutional rights are iron-clad, not subject to political bent, emotional whim or propagandizing. Of all people, President Trump should have known better than to set another negative example.

Ted Z. Manuel, Hyde Park

No rules on national anthem

President Trump has done it again. He attacked professional football players for taking a knee during the playing of the national anthem. He said at an Alabama rally that NFL team owners, when faced with such a player, should “get that son of a bitch off the field right now. Out! He’s fired.”

The president’s language is deplorable, and it embarrasses most Americans. He also does not understand our Constitution or the Declaration of Independence. There are no set rules as to whether you stand, sit, kneel or assume any position during the playing of the national anthem, just as there are no rules that say you have to sing, recite or cheer or remain silent when the American flag is displayed.

Dean Koldenhoven, Palos Heights

Find another country

To the NFL players who dishonor the flag and all who fought for their freedom, you’re welcome to find another country where you can get paid millions of dollars to play a stupid, dangerous game.

Mike Calendar, Dunning

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