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4-year-old girl sings of her love of Anthony Rizzo, and Rizzo replies

Four-year-old Eden Stembel sang a self-composed song for Anthony Rizzo and it went viral on Twitter.

There’s nothing more beautiful and innocent than young love.

Four-year-old Eden Stembel loves Anthony Rizzo a lot — and she made that evident in a song that she sang for the Cubs first baseman from her the bottom of her heart.

“I love Anthony Rizzo. Ohh,” Eden sang while laying on her mother, Betty.

“I’m going to sing a song for him,” Eden told her mother. “Can you send it to him?”

“I can try,” Betty said.

“Anthony Rizzo is the best boy ever,” Eden began to sing. “Best. Cub. Ever!”

Betty did just about the only thing she could do to get this love ballad to Rizzo; she posted it on Twitter.

Since Betty posted her daughter singing on Monday afternoon, the tweet has garnered more than 80 retweets and 600 favorites.

It also caught Rizzo’s attention.

Rizzo said the song is “definitely a Billboard top 10” hit and said he plans to send her an autograph ball.

Eden, who wants to go to a Cubs game but can’t because she lives in Carmel, Indiana, has been at daycare and has no idea Rizzo has seen her video or responded.

Let’s hope no one breaks the tough news to Eden that Rizzo got engaged to his long-time girlfriend, Emily Vakos, this past summer.