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Bears predictions: Week 4 vs rival Packers

The Bears play the Packers on Thursday. (Getty Images)

The Chicago Sun-Times’ experts offer their predictions for the Bears’ matchup with the Packers in Week 4:


Packers 27-13

Green Bay’s offensive line is Bears dealing with injuries, which plays perfectly into the Bears’ strength, their front seven. But this is still Aaron Rodgers, and until the time comes when he’s not, sorry, Bears. Season: 2-1.


Packers, 26-23

The Packers are decimated with injuries, but so what? Aaron Rodgers stands in the middle of the wreckage, cool and calm and twirling that gun of his. Until he goes away, he’ll always make the Bears underdogs, in my book. Season: 2-1.


Packers, 24-17

The Packers are beatable. The Bears should be able to run the ball on them. But winning on the road against a rival in primetime requires some better-than-average quarterback play. So all eyes on you Mike Glennon. Season: 1-2.


Bears, 19-17

The wrong team wins on Thursday nights. So far this year, the Rams were the only favored team to win on a Thursday, and they didn’t cover the spread. The Patriots (-8 ½) lost by 15 and the Bengals (-6) lost by 4. The trend continues this week, believe it or not. Season: 2-1.


Packers, 23-16

The Bears have momentum after a thrilling upset of the Steelers, but we’ve been fooled before. Bears haven’t won back-to-back games since the middle of the 2015 season. Season: 1-2.