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Good, bad and (mostly) worse: How the Bears fared in a Week 4 loss

Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers talks to the Bears' Mike Glennon on Thursday. (AP)

Some weeks are better than others for the Bears:

Good week

Thursday night’s war of words between the Bears’ social media team and a candy bar was more entertaining than the game.

After a snap from Cody Whitehair hit Mike Glennon in the knees, with the Packers recovering the ball, the official @Butterfinger account tweeted, “Butter . . . knees?” The Bears team tweeted back, “Stick to candy.” But they were hit back — hard — by their crispity, crunchity, peanut-buttery foe.

“Stick to football,” @Butterfinger tweeted. “Oh . . . wait.”

Bad week

Danny Trevathan’s vicious hit is too serious to mock here, so we turn to kicker Connor Barth, who missed two field goals in five days. At the end of the first drive of the second half Thursday, Barth missed a 47-yarder that would have cut the deficit to 21-10 and given the Bears some momentum.

Andy Phillips, the rookie kicker who was cut in camp, noticed. He tweeted a grim-faced emoji after the miss, as if to say he could do better.

Worse week

Glennon had two fumbles and two interceptions Thursday and has 12 turnovers in the last three games. For someone hired to be a game manager, it’s unacceptable — and, perhaps, the last straw. Rookie Mitch Trubisky could start the next game.

Asked if the Bears were on the same page with their quarterback, wide receiver Markus Wheaton didn’t hide his frustration.

“Speaking for myself, I haven’t had a catch,” he said. “So we obviously have got some stuff to work on.”

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