LETTERS: Tax reform must hit corporations hard

SHARE LETTERS: Tax reform must hit corporations hard

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell listens as President Donald Trump speaks during a meeting with Congressional leaders about tax reform at the White House on Tuesday. (AP Photo/Evan Vucci)

Tax reform must be about much more than reducing the corporate tax rate. Right now many large and multinational companies and corporations pay far less than their fair share of federal income taxes and sometimes nothing at all because of loopholes and special treatment. The refurbished tax code must be way shorter, more understandable, and much fairer, and must address the needs of our communal assets as well as the needs of individuals and businesses.

Mary F. Warren, Wheaton

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Wishing a top cop good health

Eddie Johnson, Chicago’s superintendent of police, is the recipient of a kidney transplant from his 25-year-old son. The father gave his son life. Now the son has returned the gift and given his father new life. Humanity at its best. We wish both Eddie and Daniel Johnson many healthy years ahead.

Leon J. Hoffman, Lake View

Politics and money behind climate change denial

Your headline on Thursday’s editorial — “Our heads are stuck in the sand on climate change” — is misleading. “Our” heads are not stuck in the sand. Rational people know fully well that if additional heat is added to the atmosphere, there will be adverse consequences. It’s when one tosses politics and money into the equation that it becomes cloudy. Pun intended.

Tom Maru, Franklin Park

Can’t blame auto maker for drunk driver

Columnist S.E. Cupp seems pretty confused about who is to blame for the debacle of DACA. It is Donald Trump and no one else. Blaming the government for this is like blaming a car company for a crash by a drunk driver. Because they keep sticking us with their junior varsity-quality presidents, conservatives such as Cupp are always looking to shift blame.

Don Anderson, Oak Park

Who’s to blame for plight of ‘Dreamers’?

Many people affected by the president’s decision to end the DACA program say the United States is the only country they have ever known, and some of them can’t speak the language of the country their parents came from. The parents, however, did leave a country they knew. And most of them could not speak English when they arrived here and never bothered to learn, even over many years here.

A lot of the blame for the predicament of the “Dreamers” lies with their parents, who brought them here in the first place. Some blame also lies with President Barack Obama, who granted them something that was not his to grant. As for the issue of family separation, an American citizen who marries an unlawfully present foreign national can, if he wants to avoid separation, emigrate to the country of the spouse.

Our immigration system is broken. Let’s hope Congress fixes it once and for all, as soon as possible, so people will not be left in limbo.

Larry E. Nazimek, Logan Square

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