Rule No. 10? Maybe Trubisky, Moncada — and Sharp — all will come up big in 2018

SHARE Rule No. 10? Maybe Trubisky, Moncada — and Sharp — all will come up big in 2018

Patrick Sharp has three goals in five January games. (AP Photo)

You ask, I answer. You make a declarative statement, I still answer. Let’s face it, I like to hear myself talk.

It’s Your Turn:

Which No. 10 would you rather see succeed, the Bears’ Mitch Trubisky or the White Sox’ Yoan Moncada?

— @slynch34

A successful quarterback means more to his team than a second baseman ever could. That’s just a fact, even if the seamheads out there don’t like it.


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On the other hand, just imagine if Moncada makes an All-Star ascent and the Sox — in 2019? — spring a 2015 Cubs type of season on us. How much mindless fun we could have bellying up to the bar and arguing about who’s better, Moncada or Kris Bryant, and about the Subway Series the guy three stools down flat-out guarantees is coming.

But I digress, because the No. 10 I want to see succeed — right now — is 36-year-old Blackhawks winger Patrick Sharp. Any chance the man who had two goals in October, one in November and none in December can reconnect with his old 30-goal-scoring self? A little over a week ago, the answer was a resounding “no.” But now that Sharp has lit the lamp three times already in January, why be so quick to doubt him?

Thirty goals obviously isn’t happening, but maybe he can help lead a Hawks surge to the playoffs. And from there, anything can happen.

With the Bulls’ recent success, but considering they’re so far back in the pack, do they have any chance of making the playoffs this year?

—David, via Facebook

A very wise man once wrote: “Anything can happen.” Except for this. No, no, a thousand times no, the Bulls can’t make the playoffs. Their 3-20 start dug way too deep a hole.

If the Bulls do end up getting the first pick in this year’s draft, which doesn’t seem all that likely at the moment, which current prospect do you think would be the best fit?


I’ve become convinced that the only true way to build a great team anymore is to bring as many players together who can (1) handle the ball and (2) shoot the ball. Of course, you want them to run and rebound and defend, too, and all that good stuff. But what you really want is to take a player who does the things all the Warriors seemingly can do: catch and shoot; create a shot off the dribble; move the ball intuitively, and with precision, to the open man. And then you want to essentially clone that player repeatedly.

Do the Bulls even have anyone like that right now? It’s debatable, though Zach LaVine may qualify and a 7-footer with the shooting ability of Lauri Markkanen more than passes muster just because what he can do is so rare and special. Anyway, you already know what type of player I think the Bulls should draft this year and, indeed, as often as possible from here forward.

My two favorites from the college ranks: Oklahoma freshman guard Trae Young and Missouri freshman forward Michael Porter. And Slovenian swingman Luca Doncic sure looks spectacular in all regards on my YouTube machine. And there’s a pretty good chance all of them will be available after the first pick.

Why did the Bears rush to hire a coach with relatively little experience instead of waiting for a coach from a successful team that is still playing? Oh, yeah, the Bears are idiots. Never mind.

—Scott, via Facebook

Never mind? Something tells me you’re just getting warmed up.

Do you think Schwarbsie’s new, fit bod will make a difference this season?

—Raquel, via Facebook

You will not — not today, not ever — get me to call Kyle Schwarber by that ridiculous nickname. Got it?

The Schwarbinator is in for a better season at the plate than the one he turned in last year. And being faster and more flexible can only help him continue to raise his game — perhaps into the very lowest reaches of the average range? — as an outfielder. What can I say? I’m a sucker for a guy who knows his way around the big-and-tall section.

Why is it that major-league baseball is the only sport whose teams celebrate every advancement in the playoffs — even a single wild-card game — as if they just won the World Series? The message is awful on many levels.


It is? You’re unhappy because they’re . . . happy? Remind me to come down with a toothache next time you’re throwing a party. But I kid you, kind sir. I understand where you’re coming from. I just think you’re wrong. The 2017 Astros, 2016 Cubs, 2015 Royals, etc., thrust their arms in the air like summiteers on Everest at each postseason milestone and it didn’t stop them from reaching the top.

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