LETTERS Just say no to calling ‘dibs’ for parking spaces on snowy Chicago days

SHARE LETTERS Just say no to calling ‘dibs’ for parking spaces on snowy Chicago days

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I’m disappointed that anybody would want to continue the “dibs” system in Chicago of claiming shoveled-out parking spaces when it’s snowy. It’s a tragedy waiting to happen. I have witnessed so many people getting into arguments and fights over parking spots, with one party claiming they cleared the parking spot, so it is “rightfully” theirs. I recall a police officer once being called over to resolve a dispute over dibs. The officer’s response was that the street belonged to the city — regardless of who plowed the area. Dibs is not a law, nor a city ordinance. Please stop!

Janette Lopez, Belmont-Cragin

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Leaders of the Democratic Party tend to demonize peaceful pro-life advocates. People who want to save the lives of fetuses and newly born infants are being wrongfully vilified. Conversely, pro-life advocates should be morally consistent and support women’s rights, gay rights, animal rights and respect for all life. Everybody should have respect for all innocent lives.

Brien Comerford, Glenview

Who needs cognitive testing?

Every week, something new and disturbing comes from the Oval Office. This week, it’s the foul language used by our president, who, by the way, is a 71-year-old businessman and should know better. But the president’s language is not the only problem. So many people were in that room when the president spoke, including the secretary for Homeland Security, yet a great number of them lack the focus and memory just two days later to recall what they heard.

Perhaps they all need cognitive testing.

RaeAnne Norlock, Darien

Call the thing “Trump Wall”

If Dear Leader Donald Trump insists on getting funding for his wall along our southern border in exchange for a permanent fix for DACA, I say the Democrats should do it. In fact, they should name the wall for him. What could possibly be a better monument to Trump’s presidency than a garish, expensive and ineffective item?

Don Anderson, Oak Park

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