Point guard Kris Dunn has been ruled out of Monday’s game in New Orleans

SHARE Point guard Kris Dunn has been ruled out of Monday’s game in New Orleans

ATLANTA — Swingman Justin Holiday will discuss the Kris Dunn dunk gone wrong, but there’s a hitch: He didn’t see it.

As a matter of fact, he won’t even watch a replay of it.


Hawks teach Bulls lesson in art of tanking

With Kris Dunn down, is tanking back on for Bulls?

“Can’t,’’ Holiday said Saturday. “Won’t watch it. If someone gets hurt, I don’t go back and rewatch it.’’

Coach Fred Hoiberg said Dunn’s concussion symptoms have not improved, so he has been ruled out of traveling to New Orleans for the game against the Pelicans on Monday.

“New Orleans is out for sure,’’ Hoiberg said. “Still day-to-day. We’ll know more after he sees the doctor [on Sunday], but he’s had no change of symptoms.’’

On Wednesday against the Warriors, Dunn went up for a breakaway dunk, grabbed the rim a bit off-balance and let go at the worst possible time. He landed on his face, dislocating two teeth, and even chipped the floor at the United Center.

He initially was cleared of a concussion Wednesday night but woke up Thursday with a headache and dizziness. Doctors put him back in the concussion protocol, and he’ll miss at least the first two games of the Bulls’ three-game trip.

“From how guys described it, what I heard, I’m not surprised [that Dunn is still sidelined],’’ Holiday said. “I don’t want to say I had a regular concussion because there’s no such thing, but I hit my head on the ground back in college. I didn’t miss a game because we had, like, a week between games, but everybody is different with those. It’s never a good situation.’’

Jerian Grant started at the point in Dunn’s place against the Hawks and will hold that spot against the Pelicans.

“Kris gets a little more downhill than Jerian does,’’ Holiday said.

“Jerian is more of a pass-first point guard. Kris is more score-first, but he still gets everyone involved.

‘‘They bring different things to the floor. Pairing both of them has been good for us. We won’t have that [for a bit], but it has been good.’’

With Dunn absent and Grant starting, Hoiberg used rookie Ryan Arcidiacono as the backup point guard against Atlanta. Zach LaVine also shared some of the ballhandling duties.

Payne-ful update

There’s still no definite timetable for point guard Cameron Payne’s return from surgery on his right foot Sept. 8, but he continued to take some steps forward.

“He has been cleared to do some 5-on-0 and non-contact portions of practice,’’ Hoiberg said. “We still don’t want him exploding a lot off that foot.’’

Payne, 23, was acquired in the Taj Gibson/Doug McDermott trade with the Thunder at last season’s trade deadline and has appeared in only 11 games with the Bulls.

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