LETTERS: Lake Michigan oil spill would be disastrous

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Lake Michigan, seen from Jackson Park. | Sun-Times photo

Thank you for your editorial about the potential of an oil spill from the Enbridge pipeline below the surface of Lake Michigan [“New plan leaves Lake Michigan at risk for oil spill,” Jan. 20].

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An oil spill from that pipeline would be disastrous. Based upon the history of past oil spills in other locations of the world, a spill would contaminate both drinking water and shorelines. And, of course, wildlife would be significantly impacted.

We’ve all seen the iconic photos of birds covered with oil. The pipeline should be permanently shut down and safer methods should be established to transporting that oil without involving Lake Michigan. Our lake is a priceless resource.

Marshall Sorkin, West Ridge

No help

When Amazon announced its top 20 sites to become Amazon’s second executive headquarters, Chicago was among the 20. This is by no means a guarantee that Chicago will ultimately be selected, but Gov. Bruce Rauner’s comments will do nothing to help Chicago in the selection process. When interviewed by TV reporters, Rauner said he was pleased, but then added qualifiers that sounded more like a doubter than a booster.

The governor said that Amazon would look at taxes and expressed that this put Illinois at a disadvantage. According to the tax foundation, Illinois has a top personal income tax rate of 5 percent. All of our bordering states have higher personal income taxes than Illinois except for Indiana. Even Missouri, which is 6 percent.

I point this out because Bruce Rauner also made a comment that he wished St Louis might be considered as it would help downstate Illinois. I suspect East St Louis and Belleville might get some benefit if St. Louis were chosen, but most of the benefit would remain with Missouri. Maybe Bruce Rauner wanted to show some love to the now-maligned Gov. Eric Greitens of Missouri, who supported Bruce Rauner’s re-election in a TV commercial.

The governor is exploiting this news to serve his political ambitions rather than act in the interest of all the citizens of Illinois.

Karl Burnitz, Batavia


For the life of me, I cannot wrap my head around the intransigent Donald Trump supporters. How can they think this governing thing is going well?

I am especially perplexed by the evangelicals. I was raised in an evangelical church and I remember songs like “Red and yellow, black and white — they are precious in his sight.” No one, it seems, was “illegal” in God’s eyes.

So what happened? When did the call for peace and love turn into a clarion for chaos and hate — in the name of religion, no less?

I just don’t get it.

Kay Catlin, St. Charles

Missing nickname

I enjoyed the column by Mark Potash listing the all time top 10 athletes to come out of Illinois [“Red Grange tops our list of Illinois’ top athletes of all time,” Jan. 17]. Numero uno among them, of course, Red Grange, who had perhaps the greatest nickname in all of sports: The Galloping Ghost. No mention of it by Mark who also could not find a way to get Micheal Jordon on that list … but “The Galloping Ghost” … come on!

Buzz Kilman, Uptown

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