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Brian Urlacher returns the love, praises Aaron Rodgers

Brian Urlacher and Aaron Rodgers are members of the mutual admiration club. (Getty Images)

Earlier in the week, Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers spoke glowingly of former Bears linebacker Brian Urlacher and his chances of getting into the Pro Football Hall of Fame on his first try this year.

Rodgers told the Chicago Tribune: “Brian Urlacher should be a first-ballot Hall of Famer. He is one of my favorites if not my favorite player … because he is hyper-competitive. He is a tough human and he does it the right way. He plays with a lot of passion, lot of grit and a lot of class. I always enjoyed our battles.”


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Urlacher returned to the love on Friday during an interview on The Dan Patrick Show. When asked to respond to the kind words from Rodgers, the Hall of Fame finalist said: “Well, it’s mutual. We had a great time between plays, sometimes during plays. He was so fun to play against. You know what kind of competitor he is.”

Urlacher added, “it’s humbling.” Check out the entire interview: