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ENDORSEMENT: Cameron ‘Cam’ Davis for MWRD, Bradford vacancy

Video by Rich Hein

In almost any other Metropolitan Water Reclamation District race, we would be happy to back Green Party candidate Geoffrey Cubbage, a newcomer who is thoughtful and knowledgeable.

But in the race to fill the unexpired two-year term of Timothy Bradford, who died late last year, Cubbage faces a candidate who was simply made for this position. Democrat M. Cameron “Cam” Davis not only has a lengthy and impressive environmental advocacy record, he also displays a thorough understanding of the full range of issues facing the district. Davis is a former president and CEO of the Alliance for the Great Lakes, an environmental group that advocates for clean water. As a lawyer, he has represented the National Wildlife Federation. He also was a senior adviser in the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency with responsibility for the Great Lakes during the Obama administration. He is endorsed.

This race has been clouded by Gov. Bruce Rauner’s effort to do an end run around voters and fill the seat via appointment. We trust the voters’ choice will prevail.

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Map of Metropolitan Water Reclamation District | Tanveer Ali/Sun-Times
Map of Metropolitan Water Reclamation District | Tanveer Ali/Sun-Times

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