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ENDORSEMENT: Seth Lewis for Illinois Senate in the 23rd District

Experience in politics is valuable, but not everything. There is often greater value, as it should be, in a candidate’s professional experience in the private sector.

With that in mind, we endorse Republican businessman Seth Lewis of Bartlett for state Senate in this northern DuPage County district.

This race is a rematch from 2016 between Lewis and the Democratic incumbent, Thomas Cullerton, the former president of Villa Park who first was elected to the Senate in 2012.

We don’t agree with Lewis on certain key issues, such as his opposition to a graduated state income tax, but we do agree that Illinois must do more to attract good-paying jobs. Lewis, an industrial engineer by training, once was vice president of a small business in Melrose Park, and now he is a State Farm insurance agent. In Springfield, he says, he wants to work across party lines to craft practical, non-ideological solutions to get Illinois back on track.

Illinois Senate 23rd District map
Illinois Senate 23rd District map



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