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$8.3M in Cook County property tax refunds to be issued automatically

The Cook County treasurer's office is issuing more than $8 million in automatic property tax refunds. | Sun-Times

More than $8 million in property tax refunds will be sent over the next few weeks to nearly 30,000 Cook County homeowners who have overpaid since 2013.

The refunds, totaling $8.3 million, will be sent automatically to 29,752 homeowners who have overpaid in the past five years, according to a statement from the Cook County treasurer’s office.

No application is required to receive the refunds, which already are being issued. The process will continue through Jan. 25, Cook County Treasurer Maria Pappas said.

“We’ve taken steps in the past to make the refund application process easier,” Pappas said in the statement. “Now we’re trying to eliminate the application altogether.”

Overpayments often result from a reduction in property taxes after the bill is paid, according to the treasurer’s office. Refund checks are being sent to 8,947 homeowners who paid taxes through a bank or mortgage escrow, while 20,805 homeowners who paid by check or online are automatically having the refunds credited to their bank or credit card accounts.

Taxpayers can see if they are entitled to refunds by visiting the treasurer’s office website, clicking the purple “Your Property Tax Overview” box and entering their address or Property Index Number.