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Yippee Ki … No Way! Latest Sammy Sosa photos set off Twitter firestorm

Sammy Sosa trending on Twitter? Now? What could this mean?

The mind races to the worst-case scenario. Nope, he’s still alive.

Does this have anything to do with new Cubs pitcher Yu Darvish wearing Sosa’s No. 21 this season? Darvish likely will wear Sammy’s old number, but that’s not the reason for the Twitter feeding frenzy.

Must be the latest crazy Sosa photo.


Seems Sosa was celebrating something Saturday night. Some reports listed it as a birthday-themed party, but Sammy turned 49 on Nov. 12. Turns out, it was for wife Sonia. Whatever the party, Sammy was, well, Cowboy Sammy.

Check out the Instagram pictures and videos — Sosa dancing — below of Sammy and Co.