Bowers’ scratch 800 tops, Oak Forest: Sec. 4/Will Co. sectional, Beat the Champs

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Beat the Champions sign.
Dale Bowman/Sun-Times

Joseph Bowers’ scratch 800 led some some serious bowling Saturday at Oak Forest Bowl. It took 704 to make the cut for the men’s finals during Section 4/Will County sectional of the 57th Beat the Champions.

Terri Sniegolski bowled new memories, topping the women’s side with a 757 (186, 201 and 244 with 126 pins of handicap.)


Matt Prokash’s scratch, yes, scratch, 847: Last sectionals of Beat the Champions

Bowers, a 23-year-old from Hammond, said he “came with an open mind’’ and he opened some eyes, including rolling the high game with a 298 in the second game (he left a 3-6 on the final ball). He sandwiched that with games of 279 and 223.

“I came here with an open mind,’’ said Bowers, who bowled four years at Calumet College. “I never bowled here before, but they said it was similar to Lynwood, so I came with a similar mindset.’’

Bowers, who used his criminal justice degree to become a surveillance surveyor for Ameristar Casino, averages 242, that’s right 242, at Lynwood Bowl.

“I used to bowl here, since I was like 3,’’ Sniegolski said.

In 2007, the Tinley Park woman even bowled her first 300 on Lanes 27 and 28.

When her game went to pieces several years ago she worked for three years with Jim Williams, the retired bowling coach from Oak Forest.

“I think he gave up on me,’’ she said.

The teaching paid off Saturday.

As to paying off, in its first 56 years, BTC, for which the Sun-Times is media sponsor, has raised $2.856,618.43 for charity from 5,768,200 entries.

The top 14 men and the top 15 women advanced to the finals in March, where the top prize for both men and women is $7,500.

Lori Danner, who finished sixth, cannot bowl the finals because of a cruise, so the final two spots came down to a three-way roll-off. Melanie Reed opened with six trikes to win the roll-off with 277 (258-19). Christina Andes (163-45), seven months pregnant, edged Sharon Young (188-19)by one pin 208-207 for the last spot.

Ronda Perry and Sharon Bright tied for second with 744. Erica Merritt, who finished third two years ago, again advanced to the finals. Laura Kupiec finished 14th, while her daughter Kristal Johnson did not make it.

Herbert Wilson,a sprinkler fitter from Worth, was second. Sam Rolph, an Oak Forest insurance agent, was third and reached his fourth finals. Louis Gorcos, a consultant from Crown Point, Ind. fifth in the finals last year, advanced again.

Other men advancing were Brauc Palmer, Keith Banasiak, Tom Ollenberger, Melvin Williams, Mark Seferovic, Neal Outerbridge, Keith Nelson, Mike Hermann, Larry Herman and Allan Pecka.

Other women advancing were Patricia Hampton, Lori Danner, Debbie Pascarella, Tinecha Banks, Melissa Mollett, Cheryl Robinson, Lila Davis-Newman, Leslie Gillie and Susan Tragos.


Section 4/Will County Sectional

At Oak Forest Bowl

(Top top 15 women and top 14 men, pending verification, advance to finals)

Saturday’s Results


Bowler, center G1-G2-G3-HCP–TOT

Joseph Bower, Lynwood 279-298-223-0–800

Herbert Wilson, Palos 245-269-278-0–792

Sam Rolph, Oak Forest 268-287-220-0–775

Brauc Palmer, Lakewood 199-277-232-62–770

Keith Banasiak, Palos 268-258-236-0–762

Tom Ollenberger, Oak Forest 231-246-238-35–750

Melvin Williams, Burr Oak 208-256-269-8–741

Louis Gorcos, Oak Forest 378-246-216-0–740

Mark Seferovic, Peotone 226-226-208-72–732

Neal Outerbridge, Burr Oak 257-259-213-0–729

Keith Nelson, Centennial 256-257-207-0–720

Mike Hermann, Thunder 187-278-233-21–719

Larry Herman, Arena 201-244-202-67–714

Allan Pecka, Orland 215-233-256-0–704

Michael Montgomery, El-Mar 213-226-259-0–698

Frank Gonzalez, Arena 191-164-189-153–697

Raphael Henderson, Arena 215-163-221-8–697

George Outman, Orland 229-210-255-0–694

Jason Maracic, Orland 177-212-208-97–694

Brian Nendza, Orland 213-199-279-0–691

Art Mensik, Orland 214-247-228-0–689

Ryan Connelly, Oak Forest 199-269-196-24–688

DaJon Sisney, Dolton 232-234-222-0–688

Chris Schuch, Tinley 210-256-221-0–687

Jeffrey Glaszer, Orland 190-205-189-102–686

Cleophis Sutherland, Castaways 209-255-206-16–686

Bobby Isaacson, Tinley 266-225-193-0–684

Rico Jasper, Castaways 245-199-192-48–684

Travis Mitchell, Dolton 257-194-233-0–684

Sylvester Ray, Burr Oak 196-230-258-0–684

Dan Kroener, Oak Forest 217-233-233-0–683

David Quirz, El-Mar 146-201-228-108–683

Jeff Householder, Laraway 207-227-183-62–679

Wilson Winters Jr, Castaways 247-214-161-56-678

Shawn Rhodes, Castaways 274-205-197-0–676

Bob Cook, Tinley 201-210-216-48–675

Kevin Juggan Jr, Palos 170-202-257-45–674

Henry Foster, Burr Oak 247-185-193-48–673

Jaron Rhodes, Dolton 165-211-179-118–673

Kevin Leonard, Centennial 231-185-180-75–671

Daniel Short, Lakewood 158-268-245-0–671

Christopher Sneed Sr, Dolton 157-244-192-75–668

Michael Cody Winters, Orland 259-184-225-0–668

Rich O’Sullivan, Palos 227-215-226-0–668

Andre Barnett, Castaways 206-225-236-0–667

Lorenzo Johnson, Castaways 225-201-214-27–667

Ariachizu Kamalu, Oak Forest 215-224-228-0–667

Tom Mayo, Arena 212-211-205-37–665

Marvin Johnson, Dolton 231-200-223-10–664

Tom Kobylarz, Palos 225-216-185-32–658

Adam Bisping, Peotone 183-193-226-51–653

Jim Lenz, Tinley 213-210-201-27–651

William Freeman, Lan-Oak 216-252-179-0–647

Reginald Dunlap Sr, Castaways 165-203-159-118–645

Justin Finnen, Orland 258-184-203-0–645

Vincent Monczynski, Orland 153-125-177-189–644

Freddie Demas, Arena 195-237-184-27–643

DeWayne Thompson, El-Mar 189-207-228-18–642

Isaiah Walton, Burr Oak 171-191-170-110–642

DuPree Trimuel Sr, Oak Forest 186-205-186-64–641

Walter Alexander, Oak Forest 185-218-197-40–640

Thomas Evans, Burr Oak 205-192-187-54–638

John Shanahan, Arena 243-192-193-10–638

Antonio Turner, Lakewood 204-248-165-21–638

Frank Avanzo, Palos 202-198-193-43–636

David Robinson, Arena 224-148-151-110–633

Isaac Rahman, Lakewood 211-202-167-51–631

Jay Prosser, Orland 216-190-198-24–628

Terrance Collier, Castaways 195-214-215-40–626

Joseph Degenova, Palos 194-216-215-0–625

Neil Jagust, Tinley 164-173-116-172–625

Bob Morgan, Tinley 189-203-160-70–622

Robert Wegley, Lan-Oak 239-180-202-0–621

Michael Johnson, Centennial 197-200-183-40–620

Mike Sliwa, Orland 290-275-223-32–620

Porter Samuel, Arena 159-138-179-143–619

Kevin McRae, Burr Oak 196-167-192-62–617

John Toney, Castaways 193-192-202-29–616

John Pinkston, Burr Oak 180-163-156-116–615

Lou Wilk, Palos 162-168-148-135-613

Adam Hehn, Arena 175-212-180-45–612

Archie Manning, Centennial 185-201-170-56–612

Vince Catalano, Centennial 182-224-204-0–610

Martin Franciskovich, Orland 128-199-173-110–610

Jim King, Oak Forest 200-191-190-29–610

Andre Brown, Dolton 171-184-165-89–609

Kevin Crawley, Burr Oak 179-215-183-32–609

Michael Gevers, Tinley 158-125-162-162–607

Antoine McCurine, Arena 219-187-201-0–607

Marcus Sutton, Castaways 223-158-225-0–606

Scott Klepser, Laraway 150-202-182-70–604

Wil Wilson, Town & Country 192-185-173-54–604

Lawrence Johnson, Oak Forest 178-166-176-81–601

Jameel Nash, Lakewood 167-169-192-72–600

Robert Winter, Laraway 169-162-182-86–599

Kenneth Kieca, Palos 138-145-177-137–597

Mike Nichols, Plainfield 199-233-165-0–597

Stanford Owens, Burr Oak 155-143-167-132–597

Steve Garuckas, Orland 225-183-186-0–594

Craig Pasch, Peotone 151-153-171-118–593

Andre Covington, Lakewood 151-154-164-121–590

Joe Egan, Arena 180-180-195-35–590

Greg Jenkins, Lakewood 178-150-167-94–589

Xavier Muhammad, Dolton 150-201-234-0–585

Wiley Brown, Oak Forest 202-202-161-16–581

Rick Murdock, Dolton 174-192-202-13–581

Clarence Johnson, Castaways 180-157-156-83–576

Daniel Dronzek, Tinley 171-167-159-75–572

George Donelson, Orland 157-213-165-35–570

Bob Zabka, Orland 162-191-190-27–570

Tyronne Linton, Burr Oak 81-138-159-189–567

Christopher Smith, Palos 132-155-178-99–564

Cameron Young, Oak Forest 177-138-138-110–563

Nick Cisek, Palos 157-200-183-21–561

Fred Smith, Castaways 168-204-149-40–561

Walter Upshaw, Dolton 162-142-156-97–557

Eugene Bochenek, Castaways 135-147-126-148–556

Michael Reitz, Orland 143-169-141-102–555

Mike Presto, Thunder 214-167-173-554-0–554

Tracy Bell, Centennial 158-128-174-91–551

Mark Payton, Castaways 157-139-148-102–546

Tim Shanahan, Arena 195-178-163-0–536

Neil Marlon, Lan-Oak 184-151-175-24–534

Leon Hegwood, Dolton 160-150-106-97–513

Joseph Lopresti, Oak Forest 132-181-133-48–494

John Leader, Peotone 179-174-DNF-36–DNF


Bowler, Center G1-G2-G3-Hcp–Tot

Terri Sniegolski, Orland 186-201-244-126–757

Ronda Perry, Burr Oak 205-171-215-153–744

Patricia Hampton, Castaways 256-182-253-51–742

Sharon Bright, Dolton 226-226-209-83–744

Erica Merritt, Burr Oak 256-247-219-0–722

#Lori Danner, Palos 188-185-186-159–718

Debbie Pascarella, Tinley 242-215-211-45–713

Tinecha Banks, Dolton 220-216-255-21–712

Melissa Mollett, Lynwood 214-267-185-43–709

Leslie Gillie, Oak Forest 185-244-269-8–706

Susan Tragos, Tinley 165-174-197-170–706

Cheryl Robinson, Arena 187-156-158-202–703

Lila Davis-Newman, Castaways 224-181-224-72–701

Laura Kupiec, Orland 163-171-166-191–691

*Melanie Reed, Burr Oak 213-198-214-64–689

*Christina Andes, El-Mar 162-203-187-137–689

*Sharon Young, Burr Oak 193-201-236-59–689

Donna Suchoski, Palos 156-204-213-113–686

Eunice Williams, Tinley 130-245-169-137–681

Jennifer Bomba, Orland 178-182-178-137–675

Valerie Smith, Lakewood 211-191-144-126–672

Dawn Zic, Orland 150-134-167-218–669

Mary Michalowski, Plainfield 146-184-163-175–668

Amy Becker, Tinley 137-132-193-205–667

Elizabeth Manning, Peotone 147-168-126-226–667

Alicia Maze, Arena 189-246-184-43–662

Kristal Schultz, Oak Forest 225-227-190-18–660

Jacqueline Bormet, Laraway 182-166-160-148–656

Alicia Hale, Dolton 193-188-243-32–656

Shari Wilkins, Arena 178-200-187-91–656

Annie Handy, Dolton 181-211-201-62–655

Kim Lowe, Lakewood 155-136-169-194–654

Danielle Franklin, Palos 235-175-187-56–653

Erin Gzuprynski, Centennial 244-234-174-0–652

Tina Jackson, Dolton 137-153-160-202–652

Amanda Mitchell, Peotone 186-148-174-143–651

Katrina Bogan, Burr Oak 171-174-187-116–648

Evelyn Houston, Castaways 127-147-156-218–648

Tekila Spells, Castaways 203-212-193-37–645

Carol Cody, Arena 138-158-141-207–644

Rose Petertil, Centennial 153-189-189-113–644

Sharon Drink, Dolton 161-179-171-132–643

Doreen Jones, Burr Oak 174-202-183-83–642

Brenda Veasley, Dolton 145-163-178-156–642

Kelli Rockwell, Centennial 177-169-200-94–640

Cynthia Rodriguez, Tinley 131-156-160-191–638

Kayla O’Brien, Thunder 170-192-222-51–635

Gina Resendiz, Oak Forest 158-127-159-189–633

Mary Murphy, Orland 138-183-160-151–632

Shirnette Harris, Castaways 245-180-160-45–630

Debbie Estep, Palos 195-168-132-135–630

Michelle Langston, Burr Oak 162-199-144-124–629

Nicole Willis, Orland 222-180-183-43–628

Deb Zarack, Palos 149-236-160-83–628

Charmaine Orr, Castaways 112-112-166-237–627

Dena Hill, Castaways 135-132-146-210–623

Sandy Mezyk, Orland 122-170-156-175–623

Betty Blyssit, Castaways 142-171-181-126–620

Lisa Harlan, Lakewood 193-125-189-113–620

Andrea Stack, El-Mar 154-169-127-170–620

Renee Cahue, Palos 160-136-184-137–617

Kristal Johnson, Orland 127-152-166-170–615

Carol Stanton, Arena 138-188-138-151–615

Linda Stuursma, Palos 214-178-180-43–615

Deborah Anderson, Dolton 181-178-201-54–614

DaKitta McGee, Oak Forest 192-192-193-37–614

Merri Fasano, Palos 143-180-180-110–613

Patti Jasper, Castaways 183-159-126-145–613

Karen Baker, Orland 186-209-169-48–612

Jen Gritzenbach, Orland 168-145-167-132–612

Helen Tomczuk, Lan-Oak 214-179-181-37–611

Dana McNeilly, Palos 157-109-191-153–610

Carolyn Simpson-Harper, Lakewood 141-139-109-221–610

LaWanda Williams, Lakewood 160-153-123-172–608

Edie Urban, Town & Country 186-180-143-99–608

Ashley Jackson, El-Mar 191-224-192-0–607

Tamara Brooks, Castaways 152-158-132-164–606

Michelle Seaton-Noleyfield, Oak Forest 159-184-166-97–606

Monika Kos, Palos 126-148-126-202–602

Debbie Hill, Dolton 160-166-216-59–601

Connie Jenkins, Dolton 156-187-159-99–601

Barbara Clemons, Dolton 132-178-190-99–599

Cathy Shenault, Castaways 201-158-162-78–599

Brenda White, Arena 152-161-146-140–599

Alana Konieczka, Tinley 125-169-138-164–596

Grace Palermo, Palos 143-113-135-205–596

Kalie Brennan, Laraway 196-143-173-83–595

Carol Lowman, Laraway 127-164-156-148–595

Alondra Mccree, Burr Oak 144-187-187-75–593

Michelle Plant, Burr Oak 183-210-171-29–593

Barbara Fennell, Oak Forest 133-138-141-180–592

Lisa Bozzetti, Oak Forest 171-169-133-118–591

Kelli Bolliman, Orland 140-208-137-105–590

Latonya Boykin, Burr Oak 148-191-159-145–583

Kathy Shaheen, Palos 147-122-152-162–583

Karri Combs, Oak Forest 100-114-125-243–582

Karen Johnson, Castaways 161-192-156-72–581

Tonia Cousineau, El-Mar 115-114-138-194–561

Geraldine Randle, Orland 112-139-123-183–557

Abigail Walters, Arena 122-103-96-226–547

Yvette Robertson, Arena 174-167-114-91–546

Candice Jones, Castaways 170-145-159-67–541

Martina Whitehead, Castaways 117-131-194-99–541

Debra Jones, Centennial 84-89-123-243–539

Terri Smith-Ashford, Centennial 114-129-127-156–526

Kimberly Clark, Lakewood 170-126-150-75–521

Deshonatay Holland, Burr Oak 179-182-145-5–511

Kelly O’Malley, Arena DNF

# Gave up finals spot because of conflict

* Reed won roll-off with 277 (258-19); Andes filled final spot 208 (163-45); Young had 207 (188-19)



Today: Section 2, Elk Grove Bowl, noon . . . Fox Valley, Mardi Gras Lanes, DeKalb, 11 a.m.


March 4: Women, Classic Bowl, Morton Grove, 11 a.m.

March 11: Men, Waveland Bowl, Chicago, 10 a.m.

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