‘My wife, who puts in 12-hour days teaching, should now be trained in weaponry?’

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Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School student Emma Gonzalez spoke at a rally for gun control at the Broward County Federal Courthouse in Fort Lauderdale. She called out President Donald Trump on Saturday over his ties to the National Rifle Association and the gun lobby.| Rhona Wise/AFP/Getty Images

My wife is a high school teacher with 3 1/2 decades of teaching experience. She has never had to qualify as a sharpshooter.

During times of murderous rampages, whether in schools, concerts or at public gatherings, even law enforcement has a difficult time apprehending crazies bent on mass murder. And my wife, who puts in 12-hour days teaching, should now be trained in weaponry?

There is no place for assault weaponry in the hands of civilians. Clearly, these weapons are designed for killing. Hundreds of families have been destroyed needlessly for the rest of their lives because of the inhuman destruction that has been caused by assault weapons.

I am repulsed every time I read news reports or turn on the TV and have to look at the likes of Donald Trump or other various national representatives who think the tragedies taking place can be averted by raising the age at which one can purchase guns or “mental illness checks.”

GET RID OF ASSAULT WEAPONS. They have no place in our society. And don’t expect our teachers to learn how to use guns. They have enough on their plates trying to educate those who will one day (hopefully) vote gun proponents out of Congress.

Mel Novit, Morton Grove

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From a gun owner: Listen to Parkland students

I am a retired teacher and have been quite impressed at how the Parkland students are carrying themselves while speaking on the need for sensible gun control laws. I am a gun owner and a firm believer of the Second Amendment, but I don’t feel the need to own an assault rifle to protect myself.

We should be listening to these wonderful students. They are the best resource we have for studying this problem since they are the ones who have felt the wrath of such weapons firsthand. None of us know how devastating such a massacre can be but they do. Emma Gonzalez and others have been doing a great job in representing the views of the Parkland students.

When one student was asked by a reporter why she thought the students could effect positive change in gun control laws when adults haven’t been able to do so, she responded, “Adults are influenced by money, but students are influenced by their feelings.” I couldn’t believe how such a young person could come up with such a strong answer.

As a country, we should listen to these wonderful students. Perhaps we can learn something from them.

Brian Vukadinovich, Wheatfield, Indiana

Let’s get local on a national issue 

While President Trump is finally entertaining ideas that might keep our children safer from gun violence, (enacting comprehensive background checks and halting the sale of guns to minors and the sale of devices designed to kill lots of people quickly, like bump stocks), we need to take steps locally to protect our kids. First on the list is licensing gun dealers locally.

Illinois children are not making those Saturday-night specials in their basements. Guns used for crimes first emerge from gun stores. There is a problem with that link in the violence chain when Chicago police are able to trace hundreds of crime guns to bad-apple gun dealers. Why any legislator wouldn’t support this effort to ensure only good citizens get guns is hard to rationalize.

Margaret Sents, Glenview

Second and third words 

Once again, as the nation comes to debate the aftermath of another senseless massacre, and the debate rages over the second amendment, it should be reminded that the second and third words of said amendment are ‘well regulated,’ whatever that may entail.

Bob Hall, Mt. Greenwood

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