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ENDORSEMENT: Robert F. Martwick for Ill. House in 19th District Democratic primary

The Sun-Times endorses Robert F. Martwick for 19th District Illinois House in the 2018 Democratic primary. | Rich Hein/Sun-Times

This one’s an easy call. We endorse incumbent Robert F. Martwick for a third term in a district that includes the Northwest Side neighborhoods of Jefferson Park and Dunning, as well as the near western suburb of Harwood Heights.

Martwick is eager to address the state’s pension crisis. We wish his fellow legislators had similar gusto. As chairman of the House Personnel and Pensions Committee, he wants more discussion of plans to shore up state-funded pensions, including this biggie: A $107 billion bond sale — the country’s largest ever — to shore up pensions. We’re not saying it’s the way to go. But it’s time to start another serious discussion about making up for the massive shortfall. We doubt Martwick’s peers are willing to do anything substantive in an election year.

Challenger Jeffrey La Porte, a Chicago Police Officer, declined to come in for an endorsement interview.

When Democratic state Rep. Robert F. Martwick, who represents the 19th Illinois House District, visited the Chicago Sun-Times Editorial Board on Feb. 12, we asked him to introduce himself to voters. Watch Rep. Martwick’s response:

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