LETTERS: Those who tear down Illinois miss what’s great

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Illinois State Capitol in Springfield.

The Illinois State Capitol in Springfield. | Seth Perlman/Associated Press

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It was heartening to read about the creation of the group One Illinois, led by Chicago Ald. Ameya Pawar, to neutralize the constant drumbeat of conservatives who loudly and incessantly run down our state.

Denigrator in chief has been Bruce Rauner, who as governor should be extolling our state’s virtues; yet he constantly and falsely talks about how bad conditions are here for business.

If Illinois is so onerous to corporations, why did John Deere move to Deerfield from Peoria, rather than to Nashville or Atlanta? Why is McDonald’s leaving Oak Brook for Chicago’s West Loop rather moving to Birmingham or Jacksonville?

The reasons are many, including the world-class working people and cultural amenities of Chicago and the collar counties, and the natural attractions and friendliness of downstate communities. It is well past time the prophets of doom were confronted and rendered irrelevant. As an old Arab proverb goes, “The dogs bark, but the caravan moves on.”

My thanks to Ald. Pawar for taking the lead camel.

Joel Ostrow, Deerfield

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Nobody’s attacking unions

Jesse Jackson, judging by his Tuesday column, seems to think that anyone expressing disagreement with what he believes is attacking something. He actually believes that a person who is forced to pay union dues is not being forced to belong to the union.

Having the right to organize and bargain is fine for those who wish to do so, but expecting those who disagree to help pay for this is not fine. It amounts to forced participation. Contrary to what Jackson says, the freedom of workers to unionize is not under assault, dissent is.

Donald Nauyokas, Brighton Park

On raising age to buy a gun

If we raise the age requirement to purchase a gun, why not also raise the age to enlist in the military or to be drafted?

Terry Smolik, Mokena

Wrong on Preckwinkle endorsement

Regarding your endorsement of Toni Preckwinkle in the Democratic primary for Cook County board president: If she is elected, she will view it as a mandate to further increase taxes and spending. If she is nominated to represent the Democrats, there will be a lot of people voting Republican in the fall elections.

Robert Kastigar, Albany Park

Founder Fathers weren’t seers

If only our forefathers could return to see what their Second Amendment hath inspired. They just might be inclined to apologize for their inability to see more clearly into the future.

Bob Ory, Elgin

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