Carl Segvich in 2012. He is a Republican primary candidate for the Cook County Board of Commissioners | File photo, provided in 2012

Cook County Board 11th District Republican candidate: Carl Segvich

SHARE Cook County Board 11th District Republican candidate: Carl Segvich
SHARE Cook County Board 11th District Republican candidate: Carl Segvich

The Chicago Sun-Times sent the candidates seeking nominations for the Cook County Board of Commissioners a list of questions to find out their views on a range of important issues facing the county. Carl Segvich submitted the following answers to our questionnaire:

QUESTION: The County Board enacted and then repealed a tax on sweetened beverages, then made further cuts to the budget. Can county government now claim an appropriate balance of revenue and services, or will more revenue or more cost-cutting be necessary? Please be specific as to where new revenue might come from, or where further cuts could be made.

ANSWER: For decades now, this government can not justify her budget. No, they cant HONESTLY claim an appropriate balance of revenue and services; offices such as treasurer and clerk must be consolidated. The entire Recorder of Deeds office can be eliminated. There are middle/upper bureaucrats traipsing the county building in between coffee breaks and checking their Facebook at our government desks, whose positions can be eliminated.

Carl Segvich

Political/civic background: 11th Ward Republican Committeeman

Occupation: Ride Share Driver

Education: University of Chicago, B.A., Liberal Arts and Sciences (Studied Political Science at Richard J. Daley College)

Campaign website:

QUESTION: If the Affordable Care Act is eliminated or curtailed, what would you propose doing to keep the county’s Health and Hospitals System on sound financial footing?

ANSWER: We need competent government employees who know how to collect moneys due us. For example, some tourists who pass through Cook County who utilize our hospital while having insurance, are never contacted, nor are their insurance companies contacted, in order for Cook County to collect.


QUESTION: What county functions or services would you support privatizing, if any, to reduce costs?

ANSWER: All services listed in the Yellow Pages.

The state of Illinois is behind on paying money it owes to Cook County. What’s to be done about that? It’s the same exact political leadership! Eg., Joe Berrios and Mike Madigan run a government mafia whereby Madigan gets rich by simultaneously using our PUBLIC gov’t office and his private legal practice to lower tax bills for his clients. TAX Accessor Berrios gets political favors, eg., election help, patronage, etc., in return.

QUESTION: What is your position on tax-increment financing districts? Are they a valuable development tool? Are they underutilized? Is the process sufficiently transparent? Should there be more community input? Should the definition of a “blighted” area be revised?

ANSWER: TIFS are a typical Chicago-style political tool to take freedom from the citizenry and turn it into money and power of the political class. One example is a backdoor eminent domain.

Of course there ought be more community input, but “we” have been demoralized and many have tragically given up, right where John Daley and the rest of the gang including Preckwinkle and Tim Schneider, want them.


QUESTION: Recently, there have been calls to freeze local property taxes. What’s your view on the matter?

ANSWER: They ought be lowered. Michael Madigan needs to be criminally investigated for quid pro quo regarding his lowering of tax bills of his private clients with the public power he has unduly gotten from taxpayers.

QUESTION: Do you support or oppose efforts to merge unincorporated pockets of the county into adjoining municipalities? If so, how would you make that happen?

ANSWER: I need more time to evaluate these books.

QUESTION: What is your plan to encourage economic development in the county?

ANSWER: Lower the regulations and taxes. Lower the crime. Order the Sheriff to fiercely attack the problem of illegal aliens invading our county and country. Tragically he, Tom Dart, is doing the opposite!!

QUESTION: An additional $40 million per year is needed to fund the Forest Preserve District’s Next Century Conservation Plan. Where can the county find the money?

ANSWER: First of all , we need to put that Plan on hold. We need to straighten our budget by attacking all the waste, infamous fraud and abuse of our MONEY. We can do all this with a Forensic Audit.

QUESTION: Traditionally, the Forest Preserve District has not charged for parking in the preserves, but it is considering doing so at Swallow Cliff Woods. Do you support that?

ANSWER: No, it is a tax.

QUESTION: Should the Forest Preserve District have its own board, independent of the County Board? Please explain.

ANSWER: Not really, that will be more government.

QUESTION: Is Cook County treated fairly by the state? If not, how so?

ANSWER: They are the same bunch of liberal democrat politicians running the govt mafia. Cook fares better than the other 101 counties.

QUESTION: Do you support another effort in the Legislature to reform the county’s pension system?

ANSWER: Yes there needs to be a constitutional amendment as gubernatorial Jeanne Ives has proposed.

QUESTION: Please name any relatives who hold a county job. What’s your general view on elected officials hiring relatives?

ANSWER: No relatives ought be hired.

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