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Sister Jean was the most popular person on Twitter for a weekend

Sister Jean celebrates after the Ramblers' stunning upset of Tennessee over the weekend. | Tom Pennington/Getty Images

Sister Jean went from a star in the Loyola community to a star around the world with the Ramblers’ run to the Sweet Sixteen last week. She’s been the subject of countless interviews and features as everyone digs to learn more about Loyola basketball’s biggest fan.

And it turns out that popularity has extended far beyond the campus. According to ESPN, Twitter says that Sister Jean Dolores Schmidt was the most tweeted about person on the entire platform for the March Madness weekend.

Sister Jean has become a star in the college hoops community over the past few days while cheering on her Ramblers. There’s really nobody else like her, and now the rest of the world is getting to experience that. Hopefully Loyola can keep up its winning ways with a Sweet Sixteen matchup against No. 7 Nevada awaiting Thursday night.

In the meantime, Sister Jean will have to bask in her newfound celebrity. Maybe we’ll see her on The Ellen Show soon.