Eradicate Russian poisoning of our voting institutions

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Matt Viser, a staff writer for the Boston Globe, in an excellent Feb. 19 article regarding Russian voting hacking, focuses on this serious threat to our democracy and our need to combat it.

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He points out that Russia’s disruption of our 2016 election as stated in the Robert Mueller investigation’s indictment of the 13 Russian individuals and three Russian organizations is, and continues to be, a distressing attempt to undermine American’s confidence in our electoral process. He also quotes security experts that unequivocally state that the disruption and interference by the Russian government continues and is aimed at impacting our 2018 mid-term elections and beyond.

The citizens of our great democracy must demand our elected leaders eradicate this poisoning of our voting institutions. The Democratic and Republican parties are sufficiently capable of inflicting harm on the voting process with their own dirty trick campaigns of misleading and false information.

The idea that we, as a free people, allow ourselves to be manipulated by another nation to advance their agenda is abhorrent. Worse yet is that this nation is Russia, which, after the fall of communism and the Soviet Union in 1991, appeared to have dropped its antagonism to Western democracy and capitalism. Beware, this is not the case. Putin’s aim is the same as Khrushchev’s, which was so eloquently stated in his 1956 address to Western ambassadors at the Polish Embassy in Moscow: “We will bury you.”

John Alfini, Northbrook

Make this country safe

Recently the students of Senn High School joined thousands of students across the country protesting the proliferation of assault rifles and the destruction they have caused in recent times. The time has come for the rest of America to take the same approach to the issue as the NRA and similar groups.

The rhetoric of politicians like Paul Ryan such as “they need our prayers,” and “now is not the time to discuss this” is just that: rhetoric. It is time for the rest of America to tell these bought-and-controlled politicians of these special interest groups that human lives are more important than any amounts of money.

These cowards can hide behind the Second Amendment, but the only purpose of these assault weapons is to kill people, as many and as fast as you can. If they continue to refuse to acknowledge this and agree to some form of gun control, then they are the enemy and it’s time for all politicians, from Trump to Ryan to Rauner to perform their sworn and declared duty to protect every American and and make this country safe and if they can’t or more disturbingly, refused to, they then have to go.

Daniel Pupo, Orland Park

Re-invest in America

I applaud President Donald Trump’s attempt to help American workers by placing tariffs on foreign made steel and aluminum. I believe all foreign made products should have such tariffs, which should be coupled with legislation ensuring corporations do not engage in price gouging consumers to re-coupe losses.

It’s high time companies start re-investing in America by investing in American workers. We are blessed to live in a nation that could provide for all of our needs right here at home. Let other countries keep their sub-standard steel products, we don’t need them. Who hasn’t been frustrated when buying a “steel” wrench at a discount hardware store, that breaks in half the first time you try to use it. Cheaply made products are never cheaper in the long run.

I don’t fear other countries will retaliate by not buying our Levis and Harleys. They still will. Why? Because they cannot duplicate these well-made, American-made products, and they know it. If Americans choose to buy foreign-made products and cars, fine — but they also should be willing to pay a 30 percent tax on these products to do so. It’s time to reel in on the greed of corporations exporting jobs and importing foreign made goods.

Linda Kozak, Oak Forest

Instrument of misinformation

Kudos to Wylie Rogers of South Shore on his article criticizing opinion piece by Sally C Pipes (“False promise of Medicare for all”). Rogers is right. Pipes article is an instrument of misinformation and misrepresentation on Medicare for all. It is typical of the work of so-called “conservative” biased unthink tanks like Heritage Foundation, American Enterprise Institute and Pipes’ operation the Pacific Research Institute. I’m glad people are starting to call out these phonies they serve no real benefit to anyone but the right-wing hypocrites. Medicare for all is an important and needed service that is worth fighting for.

Ann Gutierrez, Tinley Park

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