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Video released of Cook County Jail brawl leading to indictments for 8 detainees

A video released Thursday shows a brawl between detainees last week at the Cook County Jail. | Cook County Sheriff's Office

The Cook County Sheriff’s Office Thursday released footage of a brawl among several detainees in the maximum security housing section of Cook County Jail.

The fight, shown in a 21-second video, happened about 4:35 p.m. on April 3, according to the sheriff’s office. Two men fall to the ground as punches are thrown, and one is repeatedly stomped and kicked by other men.

Source: Cook County Sheriff

The sheriff’s office said eight detainees were accused of taking part in the fight and indicted by a grand jury: Maxamilian Aldridge, 19; Jermaine Douglas, 25; Brian Franklin, 19; Diamond Little, 23; Jonathan Rodriguez, 30; Travond Stewart, 22; Rynalder Williams, 23; and Rashawn Young, 21.

All of the detainees were expected to survive their injuries, the sheriff’s office said.