PODCAST: Colin Kaepernick’s brave stand in the football world

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Sun-Times sports columnists Rick Telander, left, and Rick Morrissey record a sports podcast. | Rich Hein/Sun-Times

With the busiest part of the NFL offseason out of the way, Colin Kaepernick still doesn’t have a job. The former 49ers quarterback hasn’t shied away from his public activism against racial inequality and police brutality, and teams have avoided offering him jobs as a result.

Rick Morrissey thinks there’s something commendable in Kaepernick’s willingness to stand up for what he believes in, and recently wrote a column praising him for his conviction. In the latest episode of “The Two Ricks: Unfiltered,” Morrissey is joined by co-host Rick Telander to reflect on Kaepernick’s stance and what it says that he can’t find an NFL gig.

“In my mind, what’s gotten lost a little bit, is what it meant for him,” Morrissey said. “What it’s done to him. How it’s hurt him. And what effect it’s had on his life. And in my mind, no matter what you think about what he’s done, that’s an incredibly brave act.”

Kaepernick hasn’t received an NFL offer since parting ways with the 49ers in the spring of 2017, but he’s continued being a prominent activist supporting progressive movements. Amnesty International recently awarded him its Ambassador of Conscience Award for his work in the community.

However, NFL teams have felt the pushback of Kaepernick’s activism from fans and even President Trump, which has led to difficult decisions. “Why would I ever want to do this to myself?” Morrissey said owners might be asking of signing Kaepernick to be a backup.

But given the level of talent out there — “Have you looked at some of the guys that are backup and third-string quarterbacks? – Kaepernick’s situation remains one of the most tricky in sports. Morrissey and Telander break it down in Episode 9 of “The Two Ricks: Unfiltered,” presented by Sun-Times Media Productions.

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