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BREAKING: Cubs’ Javy Baez draws walk in major-league baseball game

Baez said he plans to keep swinging.

NEW YORK – For the first time since April 7, Cubs infielder Javy Baez drew an unintentional walk in Thursday’s ninth inning against the Mets – the first walk of any kind for him since April 11.

Asked after the game if he knew what he had accomplished in the Cubs’ 5-1 victory, he said:

“Yeah, I walked! Yes!” said Baez , who promised not to make a habit of it.

“I don’t go out there looking for a walk,” he said. “As long as the pitcher’s out there, I’m going to swing.”

Right-hander Gerson Bautista pulled off the rare feat, going 3-0 to Baez before two huge swings ran the count full. Bautista then let loose a wild pitch that Baez allowed to sail for the walk.

“The ball almost hit me. That’s why I walked,” he said.

It was his first unintentional walk in 183 plate appearances, third unintentional walk of the season. He has four intentional walks.

“We forgot to get the ball,” Cubs manager Joe Maddon said.