Supreme Court should have drawn the line on gerrymandering

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Visitors line up outside the U.S. Supreme Court plaza before the court handed down decisions Monday in Washington, D.C. The court handed down opinions in five cases, including a decision about gerrymandering. (Photo by Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images)

The Supreme Court had before it a Wisconsin map so gerrymandered it practically screamed out for its injustice. Yet, the court took a pass, implying they don’t want to interfere in politics. Well, isn’t that what they are commissioned to do, render justice when the political system fails?

Fixing the relentless gerrymandering is now up to the voters. Every state, as seven are now in the process of doing, needs to bring a ballot initiative to create a bipartisan redistricting commission. Since only 24 states have established ballot initiative procedures in place, citizens in the remainder of the states need to push for such legislation. Gerrymandering makes a mockery of our democracy, as it blocks the guarantee of one person, one vote.

Lee Knohl , Evanston

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Migrant camp

No doubt it would be a surprise to the president, but America has been a migrant camp since 1610.

John Powers, Rolling Meadows

Moral failing

The writer [“Slave owners and Nazis quote Romans 13 to justify immorality, too,” column, Tuesday] asks about the Trump administration’s immigration policy, “Is there no shame? ”

My answer is that in today’s Republican Party, there is no shame at all. A CNN poll states that the majority of Republicans LIKE this policy, support it strongly, and approve of Trump and his fellow Republicans who stand by it. Many Republicans believe that as long as the economy improves and they have jobs, the suffering of children and the imprisonment of refugees is a trivial price to pay for the improvement in their finances. This, to me, is a major failing in their moral development.

LeiLani Hinds, Honolulu

Overstepping its bounds

We cannot forget the proposal that the Department of Health and Human Services impose a domestic gag rule on abortion. Although abortion is an important reproductive health service that is totally legal and sometimes absolutely necessary, the proposal would mean no health service provider receiving federal funds can provide any information about abortion to a women, even if she asks. Moreover they are proposing that no Title X funding for health services can be used at any facility where abortion services are provided, not only for an abortion, which is already disallowed, but for contraception, breast exams, PAP smears, any service at all.

Women have a right to full and complete medical care and information. Medical professionals have a responsibility to provide such. The government is overstepping its bounds.

Eileen G Soderstrom, West Ridge

What is the difference?

What is the difference between me breaking the law, getting locked up and being separated from my kids, and someone choosing to break the law by illegally entering the United States and being separated from their kids?

Just thought I’d ask. By the way, I don’t plan on breaking the law because I know the consequences!

Daniel M. Filipek, Mount Prospect

May the Fourth Estate guide us

Years ago I had the blessing growing up in the ’70s to meet and know Harry Golden, a reporter of the Sun-Times. I was the same age as his son. When he was home he talked to me about the importance of the Fourth Estate in our Constitution.

Today, I wonder what his take of the current situation of child abuse occurring on our borders of America. Even though child abuse is repugnant to all moral adhering American beliefs, it is happening in our country. I would add that that this is also repugnant to all democratic nations in the world.

When I reflect back on Mr. Golden’s words, when the crime is committed, then the law should prosecute. The other memory of of Mr. Golden, was when my father found a copy of the Chicago Seed underground newspaper. It was a issue of during the Chicago Seven trials. I told my father that Mr. Golden’s son, my friend, gave me the copy. We drove to their house. Harry explained to my father, yes, he read it all the time — regardless of the language there was some truth. My take was from Harry was always read what you can, then evaluate what is the truth. That is the power of the Fourth Estate. May the press keep us aware in truthful news.

Today, may the Fourth Estate of our Constitution guide us in honest decisions.

Mark Slone, St. Louis Park, Minnesota

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