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Cubs closer Brandon Morrow thanks fans for recommending new pants after injury

Brandon Morrow threw off the mound Saturday. | John Minchillo/Associated Press

Professional athletes are just like you and me: They take off their pants one leg at a time. And as in Cubs closer Brandon Morrow’s case, they sometimes tweak their back while doing it, too.

It was one of the oddest ways to land oneself on the 10-day disabled list; even manager Joe Maddon called Morrow’s injury “one of those freakish things.”

But Morrow had no shame sharing with reporters exactly what happened.

“Just undressing at my house,” Morrow said of how he strained his back. “Like 3 a.m., in the closet, got my right leg off. Left one just felt like a spasm in my back.”

Fans on Twitter were quick to poke fun at Morrow until they remembered how relatable Morrow’s injury was.

Other fans recommended Morrow get new pants — which is exactly what he did.

On Thursday, Morrow tweeted a picture of pants he allegedly bought.

“Lots of great advice on here, can’t wait for these to arrive,” Morrow wrote. “Versatile/low-profile pockets, reinforced-knee stitching…metal zipper! Thanks Twitter!”

The pants look like something your dad would wear.

And still after Morrow tweeted the pants, people were quick to reply with other things that might help the injured pitcher.

One user who identifies herself as a therapist recommended he get a $37 cane.

And still, another user urged him to buy wide-thigh overalls.

Maybe a kilt or snap-pants are also in Morrow’s future?