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Pilsen takes spot on Forbes’ coolest neighborhoods list

One of the many murals that line the viaducts on 16th Street in Pilsen. Tyler LaRiviere/Sun-Times

A Chicago locale has been crowned one of the 12 coolest neighborhoods in the world.

Forbes put together the list as a guide to get tourists out of the mainstream, and included Chicago’s Pilsen neighborhood. Forbes called Pilsen “a nest of cutting-edge culture and art” thanks to its galleries, murals, performance venues and trendy bars.

The only other U.S. neighborhood to make the list? Navy Yard in Washington, D.C.

“It’s been fostered by successive waves of Eastern European and Mexican immigrants, in addition to local artists and students, who have molded this fascinating area over the past century and a half,” the article said of Pilsen.

Forbes highlighted Pilsen’s National Museum of Mexican Art as a must-visit.

Want to check out Pilsen for yourself?

Here’s our Pilsen episode of “The Grid,” a neighborhood guide that tells you where to eat, drink, shop and more.