Michael Pfleger critics get personal over plan for peace rally on Dan Ryan

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Father Michael Pfleger greets attendees at the “End of School Year Peace March and Rally” June 15. He plans another rally on July 7 that would shut down a section of the Dan Ryan Expressway. | Jim Young/AFP/Getty Images

He’s angry.

But it’s different this time.

This priest is also distraught.

“In all my years of leading marches, I’ve never had such an angry response to a call to peace and non-violence,” the Rev. Michael Pfleger told Sneed on Thursday.

“I’m stunned,” said Pfleger, referring to his peace march plans shutting down the Dan Ryan Expressway on July 7.

“The church office has been flooded with hate calls; people are telling me they are going to run me over if they see me on the street; I’m getting a lot of hate back on Facebook; and I just got a letter from someone mentioning my son, Jarvis, (who was killed during a gang crossfire in 1998.)

“It read: ‘Why not adopt another gangbanger son and see how long that lasts?’ ”


Earlier Thursday, the Chicago Police Department pleaded with Pfleger to abandon plans to shut down the Dan Ryan, arguing that pulling 200 officers out of violence-plagued neighborhoods may breed more gang violence.

Pfleger, who has been leading peace and anti-gun protests for years, told reporters the march would proceed anyway.

“Look, there was a lot of negative reaction when we fought drug paraphernalia and racism in the basketball league . . . but to have this kind of negative reaction fighting for peace . . . and all this writing and calls from folks angry and inconvenienced by the Dan Ryan being shut down?

“Where were these people when kids were being shot and killed?

“They are more angry about a damn expressway being shut down because it will be inconvenient for them!

“I’ll tell you what I think. I think they don’t want to detour off the expressway and go into the neighborhoods that need our help the most, where lives are being lost, where communities are hurting, were jobs are non-existent, where guns are still proliferating, where schools are lacking and people are hurting.

“Dr. Martin Luther King says that when nothing else works you can’t roll over. Can’t just be quiet. You move into peaceful demonstration and civil disobedience.

“Well, we’ve been marching in the neighborhoods for years and nothing has changed,” he added.

“So now we are now taking it to a main artery of the city.”

Stormy weather . . .


It’s no secret porn star Stormy Daniels’ recent appearance at the Admiral Theatre in Chicago was less than the hype and more than the type.

• The kicker: Although there were complaints about President Donald Trump’s alleged mistress for the moment for tardiness and diva behavior during her Admiral stay, Sneed is also told Daniels was very concerned about her personal security.

• To wit: A source told Sneed she had a bulletproof compartment in her bus and insisted on extra security and metal detectors at the theater — which already had 16 security personnel, six of whom were armed off-duty policemen.

Melania mania!


First lady Melania Trump’s $39 Zara jacket, which made headlines during her first trip to check on migrant children separated from their parents on the Texas border, was a moneymaker.

• Translation: Those who already owned the sold-out olive green jacket (emblazoned with the words: “I REALLY DON’T CARE, DO U?”) which had originally sold for $39, have been placing them on secondhand sale sites.

• Money shot: One bid on eBay Thursday checked in at $895.

The Trump list . . .

Red state/Blue state.

It should come as no surprise President Trump’s Supreme Court list of possible nominees to replace retiring U.S. Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy, 81, does NOT include one person from Illinois.

• Translation: We’re a blue state that contains a city (Chicago) Trump loves to diss.

• Bank shot: And it’s no surprise, among the 25 candidates on Trump’s list of possible nominees, that 21 come from red states that voted for Trump.

So how much of a chance do you think Allison Eid of Colorado, Brett M. Kavanaugh of Maryland, David Stras of Minnesota, and Timothy Tymkovich of Colorado have in getting the job?

Sneedlings . . .

Today’s birthdays: Kawhi Leonard, 27; Gary Busey, 74; and Camila Mendes, 24.

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