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Sara Gilbert says she still supports ‘Roseanne’ cancellation

This image released by ABC shows Sara Gilbert and Roseanne Barr in a scene from "Roseanne." | Greg Gayne/ABC via AP

LOS ANGELES — Sara Gilbert says she’s saddened about how “Roseanne” ended, but still supports ABC’s decision to cancel the show over Roseanne Barr’s racist tweet.

Gilbert said Monday while hosting the CBS daytime show “The Talk” that “Roseanne” ”has always been about diversity, love and inclusion.”

The comments expanded on Gilbert’s statement last week about the show’s cancellation.

She also said a lot of people have been hurt as a result of Roseanne Barr’s tweet, which likened former Obama adviser Valerie Jarrett to a product of the Muslim Brotherhood and “Planet of the Apes.”

Gilbert, an executive producer on the rebooted series, says it’s sad to see how the show ended.

Kantar Media says “Roseanne” earned an estimated $45 million in advertising revenue for ABC through its recent nine episode run.

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