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Kanye West receives Bulls jersey, calls Dennis Rodman his ‘biggest inspiration’

Kanye West called Dennis Rodman his "biggest inspiration." | Courtesy of AP Images

In the past, Kanye West has named a score of influencers for his music and fashion line. The list includes Steve Jobs, Henry Ford and Walt Disney. But the newest influencer he named might catch some off guard.

On Tuesday, Ye called former Bulls star Dennis Rodman “one of his biggest inspirations.”

Yes, you read that right. The Chicago-born rapper called the “Worm” has inspired him.

West shared a photo on Twitter of a signed Rodman jersey, which reads: “To Kanye, Bull 4 Life.”

“Thank to one of my biggest inspirations,” West wrote in the tweet which also featured a myriad of fire and praise emojis. “Always breaking barriers with independent thought.”

In a sense, it kind of makes sense.

Both Rodman and Yeezy have peculiar personalities based off Rodman’s past and West’s Twitter history.

They also have both openly supported President Donald Trump and have sported “Make America Great Again” hats.

As for his “independent thought” — well, Rodman certainly has it.

Rodman has also been a unique figure in international news over the last year. He’s sort of served as the unofficial ambassador to North Korea and for awhile, Rodman was one of the only Americans to have met with the North Korean leader Kim Jong Un. Rodman, who has also began advocating for marijuana cryptocurrency called “Potcoin,” previously said he played a key role in getting North Korean leader Kim Jong Un to agree to meet with Trump in order to discuss the country’s nuclear weapons.