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Manny Machado feels ‘blessed’ by trade talk

A new report said that Orioles will likely trade Manny Machado to the Dodgers. | Gail Burton/Associated Press

With trade rumors swirling, Manny Machado made a fashion statement as he arrived at Nationals Park for the All-Star Game.

Machado wore a gray double-breasted suit with no shirt underneath the jacket and an inch-wide gold chain during a red-carpet interview with MLB Network. He sported bare ankles, white sneakers and tortoiseshell sunglasses.

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As for where he’ll play next, Machado doesn’t know. He says it’s “tough” to think that the All-Star Game could be his last in a Baltimore Orioles uniform. But he also says he’s “blessed to be talked about. Blessed to know that people out there want me, they want me to go out there and help (the) team win.”

Machado played third base before this season, when he moved to shortstop, the position he’d played in childhood and throughout the minor leagues. He thinks he’d stay at short for any team that trades for him and says he would prefer not to move back to third.