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Former White Sox manager Ozzie Guillen discovers his softer side

The Ozzie Guillen family has a new addition, granddaughter Adela. From left: Sons Oney and Ozney, wife Ibis, granddaughter Adela, Ozzie Jr., daughter-in-law Sarah, Ozzie.

Former White Sox manager Ozzie Guillen is a grandfather now, which might not be easy for you to get your head around. For Guillen, it has brought about a change in his life that makes his head spin.

‘‘A little girl,’’ Guillen, 54, said of Adela Margot Guillen, born to Ozzie Jr. and wife Sarah last month. ‘‘Just outstanding. My life changed; it changes everything. I’m more calm, more nice, more patient.’’

Guillen and wife Ibis have been married 35 years and raised three sons, Ozzie Jr., Oney and Ozney. He is discovering the joy of a blessing he couldn’t fathom until now.

‘‘I’m getting older, but when something happens like that, you appreciate what you’ve got, what you can do,’’ he said. ‘‘And I think my life is a lot better now in every way. It exceeded my expectation.’’


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‘‘It’s great to see him so happy,’’ Ozzie Jr. said.

Sensitivity never has been one of Guillen’s attributes — he’d be the first to admit it — but having a granddaughter has uncovered a side of him he never knew existed.

‘‘It’s funny, I never thought I would be so sensitive,’’ he said. ‘‘But life teaches you a lesson. I was around baseball players, tough guys, all my life. I raised three boys. But when she came around, it changes you 100 percent.’’