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Nobody setting off fireworks in Illinois is about to use a tape measure first

Fireworks explode over Chicago on the Fourth of July, as seen from Logan Square. Colin Boyle/Sun-Times

I recently read that Illinois might legalize the use of fireworks by regular folks, with some restrictions. I and others pray, however, that fireworks will remain illegal.

On the Fourth of July this year, a couple of young men set off fireworks just two doors from my house. I and neighbors called the police, but we got no response. One neighbor told me that she was afraid of fireworks and thought her home could be damaged. The fireworks not only were loud, but they landed in everyone’s yards.

The proposed law legalizing fireworks would require that they not be set off within 200 feet of a structure, car or person, but I doubt that the young men who set off the fireworks on our block would have used a tape measure first.

The cloud of smoke from the fireworks was overwhelming, and I had to wonder if the people who favor legal fireworks have considered the health concerns of individuals with breathing challenges.

Car alarms were being set off by the explosions.

The state Legislature should put people over profits and not legalize fireworks.

Prentiss Byrd, Grand Boulevard

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‘Humbled’ by this president?

Judge Brett Kavanaugh says he was humbled to be President Donald Trump’s pick to serve on the U.S. Supreme Court. Is he truly humbled to be named to the court by a person who lies habitually? Is he truly humbled to be chosen by a president who has no respect for women or disabled persons? Is he humbled by a president who puts the needs of Russia ahead of the needs of the people of the United States? Is he humbled to be choice of a president who makes no effort to united Americans?

Accepting a nomination to the Supreme Court by this president shows a lack of moral courage and dignity. Someone needs to show some courage.

Gary Doherty, Berwyn