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Hillary Clinton, Colin Powell to appear on ‘Madam Secretary’

In this image released by CBS, former Secretaries of State Hillary Clinton, General Colin Powell and Madeleine Albright pose with actress Tea Leoni, who portrays Secretary of State Elizabeth McCord on the TV series "Madam Secretary." | David M. Russell/CBS via AP

LOS ANGELES — “Madam Secretary” won’t lack secretaries of state this fall.

CBS announced former secretaries Hillary Clinton, Madeleine Albright and Colin Powell will appear on drama’s fifth season premiere on Oct. 7.

CBS says star Tea Leoni, in her role as Secretary of State Elizabeth McCord, seeks their advice.

Clinton tweeted it was wonderful to spend some time on the set.

Albright previously appeared on the show during its second season.

Clinton was secretary of state under President Barack Obama. Powell was President George W. Bush’s top diplomat, and Albright was the first woman to become secretary of state, during President Bill Clinton’s administration.