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Judge says Lincoln Towing can keep its operating license

A man swings a plastic bag over his shoulder while walking past Lincoln Towing Service on North Clark in Chicago. | Sun-Times file photo

After an investigation that began in 2016 hauled Lincoln Towing into court for alleged unauthorized tows, an administrative judge recommended that the company is fit to keep their operating license.

The Illinois Commerce Commission requested their license be revoked, alleging 462 unauthorized tows, as well as 369 times the company used an unlicensed operator in the eighth-month span of the examination period between 2015-2016.

But Chief Administrative law judge Latrice Kirkland-Montaque said the commission dramatically overstated the violations, WGN reports.

Allen Perl, an attorney representing the company, told the Chicago Sun-Times in May that he estimates that out of the roughly 13,000 cars that the company tows each year, 1 out of every 500 is found liable for a violation.

The unpopular company has a reputation, though, that was immortalized when folk singer Steve Goodman wrote the “Lincoln Park Pirates” song, singing “there’s no car too heavy and no one can make us shut down.”

But the Illinois Commerce Commission still can. They’ll vote on whether or not to revoke the company’s license, though the judge’s ruling will serve in their favor.


Lincoln Towing, also known as ‘Lincoln Park Pirates,’ could have license hauled