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Holding a moment of silence to show respect for a free press

First-degree murder charges were filed against a man who police said targeted Maryland's capital newspaper, shooting his way into the newsroom and killing four journalists and a staffer before officers swiftly arrested him. | AP Photo

The moment of silence for those lost to gun violence at the Capital Gazette newsroom in Maryland was of profound importance for any of us who have worked at a newspaper, magazine, or media outlet. It is out of the highest respect for those victims and their contributions to society that this quiet moment occurred.

For those who have never experienced a newsroom, press room, or any organization of the like, they are hectic, noisy, never quiet. The people, like those victims, value camaraderie, even for the newest members, while producing the news, a product enshrined hundreds of years ago in our Constitution. A free press is essential to our free nation, and a free press is made up of all the people who gather information and then get that information to you.

When I think of the “moment of silence,” I think back to 9/11, when all flights were grounded. There was silence that was deafening, yet there were heroes.

Our moment of silence is gone, but we should never forget why we held it. For me, it was out of respect for someone I probably never met or would meet, but who made a difference in our lives. Think about what that moment of silence meant for you.

Scott R. Zuhr, Park Ridge

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Wage inequality in America

Manny Ramos’ article on the minimum wage was well-written and true reporting. Most workers are paid low wages and that do not make for a strong middle class. Meanwhile, CEOs pull millions in bloated salaries, bonuses, perks and private jets, as the working class has to deal with almost poverty level pay.

Please, more articles like this. Perhaps they will wake up more Americans to the inequality in America!

Ann Gutierrez, Tinley Park

Demeaning the presidency

How can a president who separates immigrant families from their children be expected to appoint a Supreme Court judge? When compassion is overruled by a quest to build border walls denying immigrants access, not only do children suffer but parents fleeing oppression are kept out as well.

Such a high office demands higher standards, and better relationships with our allies and not our adversaries. An office once held in high esteem has been demeaned by behavior unbecoming of a president, with cabinet-level members departing while he embraces avowed enemies with a wink and a nod of acceptance.

Vincent Kamin, Streeterville

Trump, Putin summit

In advance of their meeting on July 16th, Putin told Trump he’d pay for the wall on Mexico’s border if Trump cancelled the sanctions. Trump responded that he’d consider it, if he could get the Trump Tower built in Moscow.

Stay tuned.

Tom Minnerick, Elgin

Why not prosecute Pruitt?

Now that Scott Pruitt is no longer EPA Secretary, is it possible (not likely) that a local U.S. Attorney may pursue what appear to constitute several federal criminal violations by Pruitt while in office?

I await his eventual arrest and look forward to federal authorities taking his children and holding them in wire cages at a local warehouse.

Sheldon I. Saitlin, Gold Coast