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Chicago businessman Ron Gidwitz installed as U.S. ambassador to Belgium

Chicago businessman and top GOP donor Ron Gidwitz, left, receives his credentials from King Philippe of Belgium. | Provided photo

Chicago businessman and top Republican fundraiser Ron Gidwitz, who raised mega bucks for Donald Trump’s 2016 presidential campaign in Illinois, was just officially installed as the U.S. ambassador to Belgium.

“Today I became an official ambassador,” said Gidwitz in an email announcement dispatched to Sneed.

Although Gidwitz was nominated on May 18, the appointment required U.S. Senate approval.

Gidwitz’s name also floated earlier in the year as a possible ambassador to Australia or France, before being nominated by President Trump for Belgium.

Sneed is told Gidwitz was already heading back to Chicago recently thinking his confirmation had been held up once again, when he received word to “turn around and head back to Washington to get his confirmation.”