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IHOB was faking it — it’s back to pancakes for IHOP

IHOP temporarily changed its name to "IHOb" to promote its new burger menu, the company said. | AP photo

IHOP is flipping back to pancakes, ending a stunt that temporarily changed the chain’s name to IHOB to promote new burgers on the menu.

“We just had some burgers to bromote,” the company said in a tweet.

The company announced a name change in June, which sparked a flood of social media attention, mostly making fun of the stunt.

But it moved conversation away from pancakes for a minute, a rebrand that Business Insider called an “incredible strategic move.” The plan, which came with a rollout of seven burgers including the Big Brunch Burger and the Cowboy BBQ burger, had been in motion for about a year.

To honor its return to its real name — and celebrate 60 years in the pancake business — IHOP is giving away 60 cent short stacks on July 17.

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