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LEGO Movie characters make airline safety video actually watchable

Turkish Airlines is featuring a safety instruction video starring "LEGO Movie" characters and some very special cameos. | Courtesy Turkish Airways

So, how many of us really pay attention to those airplane safety instructions blasting over the cabin intercom just before take-off? Or tune in attentively to the safety video playing onscreen in front of us or over our heads? Or actually peruse those seat-pocket safety instruction cards?

Well, Turkish Airlines has turned to some familiar faces to make the whole process more fun for everyone, while still conveying very VERY important information. Starring “LEGO Movie” characters, the video is definitely attention-grabbing, and conveys all the info clearly and concisely utilizing fun animation. And best of all, it’s all-ages friendly, so even the youngest flyers can enjoy the nearly four-minute animated “tutorial.” Look for cameos from Batman, Robin, Superman and more.