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Scene at Racine: ‘Heartbreak Hotel’ cast performs Elvis hit ‘That’s Alright Mama

The cast of "Heartbreak Hotel" at the Broadway Playhouse. | Brett Beiner

Seems like Elvis Presley won’t be leaving the building any time soon. Due to popular demand, the musical “Heartbreak Hotel,” which tells the story of Presley’s earliest days in the music business, has been extended through Sept. 9 at Chicago’s Broadway Playhouse at Water Tower Place.

The cast features Eddie Clendening as Presley, with Matt Codino as guitarist Scotty Moore and Zack Lentino as bassist Bill Black.

Clendening and Codino stopped by the Sun-Times studios recently to perform “That’s Alright Mama,” one of nearly 30 songs featured in the musical.

Video by Eliza Davidson

Tickets are available at


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